Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 Must-Haves for Traveling With Toddlers

When traveling with your most precious cargo, you can never be too prepared. Taking your tot into the friendly skies can be a stressful experience depending on your child's temperament and destination of your flight. Getting ‘there’ can be half the fun or half the battle. It all comes down to how prepared you are. Either way, I've compiled a list of my top 15 don't-leave-home-without travel items. These 15 products are guaranteed to help you and your toddler travel more comfortably. Most importantly you'll be keeping your child safe & entertained!

Set your child up for success! Allow them to sit in the window seat & as your flight progresses, explain what is happening and where you are in your flight. Don't expect perfection, talk to your child about what they can look forward to. Explain the importance of following instructions and discuss airline rules & etiquette, before, during & after your flight. Manners are a life lesson & should be apart of your toddlers daily routine. Throw in a couple of fun toys & books for redirecting behavior and interact with your child to ensure close parental attention. Remember to stay calm! If you are relaxed there is a better chance your tot will follow suit.

Happy traveling!

1. keep those puckers moisturized! 2. our daughter's favorite stowaway. 3. bring extra comfort from home. 4. backpack or duffle? you decide. 5. potty covers are a must! 6. the wipe down. 7. go-to garment. 8. ouchies & boo boo's 9. travel card or passport? 10. cabin pressure 11. durable reading material 12. proof 13. made to frame 14. proper crayons 15. pack snacks!

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