Thursday, June 30, 2011


We are thrilled to launch our Facebook fan page. Our goal is to reach a 100 "likes" by Friday, July 1st!
Just in time to enjoy this holiday weekend. We'll be offering an awesome prize to our hundredth fan!

Click on the fancy Beachy print designed by the talents at Lab Partners for instant access to our new & past post & like away!

x Brandy


  1. Voila. One more Like (Mi Ya) :-)
    By the way, could you tell me what font you used on the image? It's so pretty!

  2. I thought I had left a comment but I didn't... I'm such a distracted girl (my husband always says I must have ADD.
    I guess I skipped a step or something.
    I was saying I did like you on face book and also asked what is the font on this beautiful holiday image -so cute!

  3. Thank you! I love this font as well! It's Strangelove.