Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project: Fabric decor

Over the years I have amassed a great collection of fabric & gift wrap. Both of which I use during any & all social gatherings. I believe proper presentation is half the fun of partying planning & gift-giving! My husband doesn't mind that I have event supplies & stacks of fabric lining our storage closet. 

I can't resist a fabric store! Luckily, purchasing online has never been easier thanks to Hawthorne ThreadsIkea is also a good source for inexpensive fabric. Great for picnics, parties, tablecloths or any DIY project you can think of. With barely enough time in the day to think, I hardly have time to sew. My go-to accessory for light projects is double-sided tape! Heavy duty projects are tackled with my handy-dandy staple gun. 

FYI: NearSea Naturals makes a great Eco-friendly adhesive.  

Above: fabric purchased from Hawthorne Threads for my daughter's 4th birthday party. 
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